Collection: Tagareen

Hey gorgeous! You're gonna love our amazing prints that are so unique and detailed, they'll have heads turning and compliments flowing your way! Our vintage Cottagecore aesthetic is all about embracing your adorable and feminine side, and trust us, you'll look absolutely fabulous no matter the occasion.

The Tagareen brand is ideal for curvy queens! Our range is specially designed to flatter those beautiful curves, with classic silhouettes that will make you feel amazing. Available in sizes 16 to 26, our range has some amazing features that will make you fall in love with our clothes even more!

Say goodbye to gaping bodices with our no gape plackets, and hello to a perfect fit with our subtle elastication at the waist. We use only the highest quality stretch fabrics to ensure maximum comfort and style. And who doesn't love pockets, right? All of our styles come with pockets, because we know practicality and convenience are key.

So what are you waiting for? Let's add some fabulousness to your wardrobe with our stunning range!